The Power to Control Energy.
Provider of Solar and Energy Storage Systems.
Helping build a clean energy environment with solar, wind and energy storage.
XO Genesis was established to represent China’s most respected Alternative Energy Developer throughout the Americas and beyond. XO Genesis has successfully demonstrated a worldwide capability to design, engineer, develop, implement and operate cutting edge renewable energy projects (solar & storage) including the world’s highest solar project in Tibet. One of our energy provider partners has proven its capability by recently supplying battery storage to Canada’s largest storage project of over 50MWh.

Our Services

Transform the economics of renewable energy while improving grid stability.
Improve the efficiencies of the grid with energy storage solutions.

Why Us XO Genesis has assembled a vertically integrated team capable of designing creative engineering solutions for today’s rapidly evolving solar and energy platforms. Our leadership team has working knowledge in the collective disciplines needed from project initiation to completion. As a result, our clients have the opportunity to receive complete, cutting edge Clean Energy Solutions with one supplier/integrator.