About XO Genesis Energy

About XO Genesis

XO Genesis Overview:

XO Genesis has a demonstrated worldwide capability to design, implement and operate cutting edge projects including the world’s highest solar project in Tibet as well as large projects in the Americas and Asia. As an example, 52MWh in Canada, and 250MW PV in Asia.

The ability to coordinate the project management, engineering, procurement and operations allows XO Genesis to offer their development partners best in class services in every sector involving alternative energy generation and storage. The market is approaching a point where many new solar projects will become solar plus storage, out of fiscal necessity.

XO Genesis has assembled a vertically integrated team capable of designing creative engineering solutions for today’s rapidly evolving energy platforms. Our leadership team have working knowledge in the collective disciplines needed from project initiation to completion. As a result, our clients have the opportunity to have complete, cutting edge Clean Energy Solutions with one supplier/integrator.

Benefits of Solar and Energy Storage Systems:

Both Solar PV and Energy Storage BESSs alone can provide savings and resiliency to the both public sector, C&I building owners and government entities, however, the combination of these technologies can provide significantly greater benefits than either alone.

Energy storage combined with solar helps balance the supply and demand and provides for real time energy management and avoids frequency drifts. It also supports midterm response to grid imbalance.

To date, most of these types of systems have been deployed separately. A combined solar plus storage system can firm and smooth the energy used onsite, reducing demand charge risk due to solar intermittency, and results in more reliable reduction of energy and demand charge-related electricity expenses.

The advantages of solar plus storage systems are expected to increase as the electrical grid decentralizes over the coming years and as new opportunities emerge for flexible distributed energy systems to participate in grid operations.

Providing Energy Savings to Government, Business and Public Sectors.