Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

Custom designed and modular

Systems are configured specific customer needs, focused on your particular application and circumstance. We can provide effective solutions to a wide range of varying operating requirements and circumstances.

Modular configurations from 200KWh cabinets to 1-2MWh containers are available, as shown below.


Our commitment to safety is ingrained in every aspect of our process, from component manufacturing, through product selection, to construction, and operations and maintenance. We have chosen to use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), as its chemistry has been proven to be the safest of all Lithium ion practical systems. These batteries have been used in thousands of installations throughout the world and have been tested by the country’s leading laboratories for fire safety and absence of propagation.

Longest Lasting – cycle life & storage longevity

Our systems are warranted for 10 years of operation with the option to go to 20 years. The Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LFP) has been widely recognized as the chemistry with the longest lasting cycle life. The LFP systems provide 5X the cycle life of most high energy systems; specifically a minimum of 5,000 cycles, while most high energy batteries are generally limited to 1,000 cycles. The high cycle life is a necessary attribute for all energy storage systems.


Our systems are scalable in capacity and modular in design. They range from small Home Energy Systems, beginning at 2.9 kWh, to containerized systems and Utility Systems of 1-2 MWh and above. The systems can be connected in parallel to achieve the desired capacity regardless of application.

Highly Reliable

XO Genesis has established a experienced and certified supply chain for all of its product offerings. The products are sourced from well- established partners which have been in supply for over a decade.

Quality and Proven Manufacturing Partners

Our manufacturing partners, are well respected and have developed a recognized leadership position in the design, manufacture, installation and operation of Energy Storage Systems throughout the world. XO Genesis can assure our customers that only the highest quality equipment and components are utilized in systems with our name.

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology is a proven technology that has been in use for well over 10 years in large vehicle transportation applications, specifically electric and hybrid buses. These applications stress the structure, battery integrity and overall electrical circuits and functionality, providing real life evidence of quality design and workmanship.