XO Genesis Partners

XO Genesis has assembled a world-class portfolio of energy storage, solar providers and integrators that gives XO Genesis the ability to provide its customers with proven custom energy solutions. As a result, we offer complete turnkey solutions including design, engineering, permitting, operation and maintenance for installed systems.

XO Genesis

XO Genesis has installed over 2 Giga Watts of solar projects in conjunction with storage. As such, it has designed its own comprehensive energy management system with custom algorithms to uniquely fit each project as required with a stella quality control system. Based on this experience XO Genesis has developed a highly efficient business model to provide strong support for the development, integration, operation and maintenance of new energy products, energy storage and micro-grid projects. Their energy management algorithms provide new energy projects to maximize the profits of power stations or commercial entities, increase the speed of the return on investment and reduce investment risk, so that the investors can optimize profits. Its core management team is made up of senior professionals from various Asian prestigious educational institutions and Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute who each have over 8 years’ working experience in areas including business management, project development, project investment, system design, project construction management, micro-grid application, R&D, and operation of power stations.

Energy Storage System Provider – eTrust

eTrust Power was established a number of years ago with an initial financing of over $500M USD for the sole purpose of LFP cell and battery production at a level of 4 Giga Watts per annum. They have expanded their chemistry base to include NCM cells as well. Their investor group is recognized as the largest private equity group in China. eTrust Power has since expanded operations into a third factory giving it a total annual capacity of over 8 Giga Watt hours per year. They are one of XO Genesis' main suppliers for Energy Storage Systems and have already supplied energy storage batteries in great quantities to North America and Asia. Their products come with a full 10-year warranty and options to increase the time to 15-20 years.

Energy Storage System Provider – Lishen

Lishen, an additional manufacturing partner for energy storage systems, is ranked among the top five Li-ion battery makers in the global high-end market. It has been actively researching and manufacturing Lithium based batteries for over 19 years, receiving repeated quality recognition awards from many of its global battery customers including Apple, Bosch, BMW, Dell, LG Electronics, Samsung and many other leading electronics firms.

Lishen currently has over 570 personnel in its dedicated R&D research team, with significant industrial relations with its commercial users and research universities throughout the world. It has, and continues to lead, the world in the manufacture of EV bus batteries using state of the art manufacturing equipment from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and the US. XO Genesis is thus able to leverage this high quality, high volume manufacturing expertise resulting in the lowest cost, highest reliability energy storage batteries in the world.

Project field experience includes operating systems in Asia, Europe and the US, ranging from Home Energy Systems, Micro-grids, and Industrial size containers.