The products and services provided by XO Genesis include energy storage systems, solar equipment and installations.


- Utility – 50KWh – 1 to 2MWh Offers scalable and flexible storage systems to fit various grid applications. These applications include:

  • Load leveling
  • Peak shaving
  • Capacity firming
  • Frequency regulation
  • Power quality
  • Spinning reserve

- Community, Commercial & Industrial - 50KWh – 1MWh The inclusion of energy storage and commercial and industrial applications emulates that in the utlity market to some degree. Energy storage systems help balance supply and demand close to real time, avoid frequency drifts and supports midterm responses to grid imbalances. It also offers energy reserves to utilities when needed, and can store excess energy from renewables for on demand usage. It enables a reliable supply of energy to the consumer.

-Home Energy Systems – 2.9KWh - 20+KWh Our systems are designed to interface with new or pre-existing solar construction. We work exclusively with properly vetted project managers who implement and support their client’s needs.


XO Genesis has a complete offering of fully warranted PV products and equipment to provide power to homes, C&I and utility ranging from KW to 250+ MW.

Our solar PV systems provide significant savings over their lifetime by reducing a building’s energy and power consumption throughout a given day. PV generation can offset overall building load during peak hours of operation, causing a reduction in utility demand charges.

With its comprehensive management system and quality control system, the company has developed a highly efficient business model to provide strong support for the development, operation and maintenance of new energy products, energy storage and micro-grid projects. It customizes new energy products to maximize the profits of power stations, increase the speed of the return on investment and reduce investment risk, so that the investors can optimize profits.

Main areas of business:

1. Investment, design, construction and operation of PV stations and distributed power plants;

2. EPC contractor engineering of PV generation projects;

3. Development and promotion of new PV projects including farm integrated PV, fishery integrated PV, building integrated PV, etc.;

4. Development, consultation, design, investment, construction and operation of intelligent micro-grid systems;

5. Development, consultation, design, investment, construction and operation of energy storage power stations; and

6. Consultation, design, production and construction of energy management systems.


XO Genesis seeks to deliver a vertically integrated system providing on demand power. We are at the point where many new solar projects will be solar plus storage, by default. The combination of solar and energy storage provides significant advantages over solar alone.

Both solar PV and BESS can provide savings to public sector and C&I building owners. To date, most of these types of systems have been deployed separately. However, when the two technologies are combined, the potential savings and ROI can be much greater than each on a standalone basis.