XO Genesis assists its clients in meeting energy saving and energy management funding needs by offering a fully integrated, turnkey approach to micro grid solutions. XO Genesis provides quality services throughout the project cycle, making financial sense for the investor and economic sense for the populous.

Global Financing

Our evaluative process begins with a needs analysis that will focus upon revenue and cost savings opportunities. We then design the most cost-effective financial solution that meets the necessary criteria.

XO Genesis can devise strategies that leverage funding for power project financing. XO Genesis uses various methods to determine viability including Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Design, Build, Own, Maintenance and Performance Contracting, and Infrastructure Upgrades that are budget neutral.

XO Genesis is also conversant with innovative funding opportunities such as renewable energy certificates, grants, utility rebates and tax credits that are continuously in development. This allows for a complete and up-to-date evaluation of potential aid to finance renewable energy projects, worldwide.


XO Genesis provides complete, integrated project services, incorporating engineering, procurement, and construction. Our team of experienced professionals has a demonstrated history of success with established relationships bridging finance, design and manufacturing to create positive outcomes for each and every client.

Global Monitoring & Maintenance

XO has the ability to operate and maintain installed systems regardless of their location throughout the world. Through its partners, it has established a central monitoring station which continuously interrogates the functionality of the installed systems and can alert the customer and XO as to any anomaly in performance.

XO Genesis- Turn key approach to micro grid solutions